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Newly released pages from the suspects journal contain an apparent reference to a high-ranking ISIS leader killed last month. The reference to Abu Muhammad al-Adnani is significant because of what he told his followers before his death. Rahamis notebook also suggests he was influenced by a variety of terrorist groups, including Al Qaeda and Boko Haram. The chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee said Wednesday Ahmad Khan Rahami was inspired by ISIS. Its clear from this journal that Mr. Rahami was receiving inspiration from the ISIS spokesman, Mr. Adnani, Michael McCaul said. Two years ago,Abu Muhammad al-Adnani -- ISIS second in command -- urged his followers to attack targets in the West. He was killed by a U.S. drone strike in August. Authorities release pages from bombing suspect's notebook In Rahamisblood-stained notebook, heappears to ask for guidance from Brother Adnani, who wanted to attack the kuffar or disbelievers in their backyard. I think the recent events in New York City kind of underscores really whatsa morphing and changing threat picture since 9/11, said New York Deputy Police Commissioner John Miller. Rahami remains hospitalized in New Jersey following a shootout Monday with police. Were ready to speak to him of course.

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| Fri Sep 23, 2016 | 6:03pm EDT School bus overturns near Houston, multiple injuries reported By Dan Whitcomb A school bus overturned in southeast Texas, on Friday, injuring more than a dozen students and the driver, the local sheriff and school district said. The bus rolled over while carrying students from schools in Crosby, Texas, northeast of Houston, the Harris County Sheriff's Office said on Twitter. "We can confirm there are multiple injuries reported -- we are not aware of the extent of injuries," the sheriff's office said in a second tweet. Crosby Independent School District said in a post on its Facebook page that 14 people, including the driver, had been transported to local hospitals by ambulance. "We understand it was bumps and bruises, but we wanted to get them to a hospital to make sure they're OK," Harris County Sheriff Deputy Ralph Gonzales told local KHOU-TV. The ages or grades of the students was not immediately known. Neighbors Emergency Center in Crosby declined to say how many students it had received from the crash. Gonzales said the bus driver told investigators she swerved to miss another vehicle and lost control, according to the station. The sheriff's office and the school district both said that contrary to initial reports there were no students trapped inside the overturned bus. "Bus 213 was involved in a serious bus accident.

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It is normally an excellent carry for holding a notebook and provides enough space for any laptop computer accessories, binders, books or periodicals you will need with you for any business meeting. School bags are sometimes worn as fashion accessories, in which they carry out the same function as a purse. Bottom level collection: We tend to agree with Zizka and choose the hand bags that look like our aged paper sacks. If you're looking for suggestions on how to perfectly catch your brand-new blogger bag once it comes in the email, verify out some of the Instagram pictures below, courtesy of - you suspected it - design bloggers. For flights managed by Uk Air passage you cannot add bags through our internet site. Hi, simply so you know, there's a facebook page called Eco Palace that's used the picture of the white handbag with fruits in it on their page without crediting you or connecting to this blog page. Finally, these back packs are under $100 at the moment of writing this hub, I got complete advantage of all the good buys available to make this list. From university totes to office totes, from premium bags to party totes, you will discover everything in the list.

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